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PPC Services

Bring buyers to your store instantly with targeted pay-per-click advertising

Ecommerce pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a great way to promote your store and bring motivated buyers directly to your products. Our paid search professionals will create, manage and optimize your PPC to get the biggest bang for your buck.

PPC Management Plans

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Starter (begins at £378 inc VAT/mo)

Custom (begins at £522 Inc VAT/mo)

Initial Phone Consultation

We'll set up a phone call before we begin working on the project so you can meet your dedicated representative and help establish the focus of the campaign.

Monthly Phone Consultation

Each month, we'll set up a call to review campaign performance and discuss the strategy for coming months.

Google Analytics Setup

Our team will set up Google Analytics so you can analyze the performance of your online store across all traffic sources.

Campaign Tracking Link Implementation

We'll implement a tracking link in the admin area of your Volusion site so you can see how many clicks and sales are coming from your PPC campaign.

Google Adwords Conversion Tracking Setup

Installing AdWords Conversion Tracking on your site allows us to track conversions to the keyword level, giving us detailed conversion information.

Targeted Keyword Research & Analysis

We'll perform a detailed analysis to see which keywords will drive the highest quality traffic to your website.

Creation of Campaigns, Ad Groups and Ad Copy

Our team will write engaging and compelling ad copy to attract relevant traffic to your website.
Limitations apply
Unlimited Campaigns, Ads and Keywords

Campaign Optimization

We're here to ensure that your campaign structure is logically organized and all of the settings are adjusted for maximum performance.

Campaign Monitoring & Bid Management

Our experts monitor your campaign and make the necessary adjustments to optimize your budget.

Monthly Reporting

Through Google Analytics, you'll be able to view detailed reporting so you can monitor how your campaign is performing.

Access to AdWords & Analytics Accounts

Have full-visibility into your Google AdWords and Analytics accounts.

Dedicated PPC Specialist

Your Dedicated PPC Specialist is available to answer any questions you have throughout the process.

Assistance w/ 3rd party call tracking setup**

We’ll help you set up call tracking so you can monitor what phone calls come from which keywords.

Local PPC*

Geotarget campaigns and take advantage of other local targeting that can set you apart from your competition.


We’ll set up campaigns that will target past site visitors, encouraging them to arrive back on your site to purchase.
*These items can be included as part of a Custom PPC plan
**Additional charges and fees apply
Google PPC partner

AdWords Audit

Do you have an active AdWords account but feel like you need some help getting it on the right track? You're not alone! Many online store owners wish an expert would look at their campaigns and tell them what they need to fix to be successful. The AdWords Audit provides that dedicated account attention online store owners want!

The AdWords Audit can help if:

  • You are spending money on AdWords but not getting the return you'd like to see
  • You want to reduce your AdWords costs but still maintain your online presence
  • You are new to AdWords and want to make sure your account is setup correctly
  • You are worried you might not be following paid search best practices

Let our paid search experts give your AdWords account the check-up that it needs!

Receive a comprehensive report that includes:

  • In-depth account analysis
  • Detailed ad text evaluation
  • Extensive keyword list assessment
  • Full inspection of overall account settings
  • Actionable recommendations

What can you expect?

Our professional paid search consultants will use their many years of experience to evaluate over 20 different aspects of your AdWords account to determine if they are in line with paid search best practices and ecommerce goals. The findings will be presented in a report with clear explanations, account screen shots, and actionable recommendations.

FAQ - Services - Marketing - PPC FAQ

PPC services FAQs

What is your PPC service?

Our Pay Per Click (PPC) management service leverages the years of experience our team has to help your company achieve its goals. Whether you're looking to boost sales, increase leads, or just generate high-quality traffic for your site our team of skilled professionals can help you succeed!

How is traffic qualified and targeted?

Our team places ads for your business on major search engines, which appear when shoppers search for the products or services your business offers. Traffic is targeted through the keywords we select and qualified through our creation of effective ad text for your business.

Does PPC guarantee sales?

There is no guarantee on the number of conversions produced by clicks. There is, however, a correlation between effective PPC and added sales. Remember that there are many factors involved in producing sales (design, pricing, product descriptions, etc.). We'll get the traffic to your website, but it's ultimately up to you to finalize the sale.

Is Volusion a Google Partner?

Google Partners is a new program geared towards pay-per-click (PPC) agencies. The program has a lot of benefits for our team but essentially shows our Volusion store owners that Volusion is a Google Partner agency, specializing in PPC services. Being in this program allows Volusion to show up in the Google Partners search (where those looking for PPC services can find accredited companies) and instills confidence in tour store owners by showing multiple members of our team as Google AdWords certified.

Can't I do it myself?

Our team has years of experience in search engine marketing research and analysis. This allows us to determine the most effective and relevant keywords for your site and to create engaging ad copy that makes shoppers want to browse your site and buy your products. In order to be successful, your campaign needs to be monitored regularly, which is something our team will do while you focus on building your business. We make sure that your ads are doing what they're supposed to- driving targeted traffic to your website.

Do I have to be a Volusion customer to use your PPC services?

The deliverables listed in our PPC plans are only for Volusion customers. Although we're able to offer our PPC services if you're using another ecommerce platform, we don't implement tracking parameters and snippets on such websites – in this case, you'll need to implement any code on your own.

How do you help drive traffic to my site?

Target audience. We will get to know your business and collaborate with you to identify your target audience so we can market your products to the right people.

Keyword research. Once we determine your target audience, we use a variety of professional tools and techniques to select keywords that deliver the most relevant traffic for the lowest cost.

Ad copy and landing pages. We write engaging ad copy and select relevant landing pages for each of your ads to give your traffic the best chance to convert into sales.

Implementation. Every campaign is different – our team will implement your campaigns with the right mix of settings to achieve your objectives.

Analysis. We continuously analyze campaign performance and perform regular optimization activities that help your campaign succeed.