Custom Web Design Packages

Our design packages include everything needed to create a consistent, professional brand experience


The essentials needed to get your store moving


Save £855


The right fit for a business that’s in growth mode


Save £855
Includes Starter Package plus:

One Premium Design Component add-on or
Three Regular Design Component add-ons


Perfect for an existing shop or an established brick & mortar shop


Save £855
Includes Starter Package plus:

Two Premium Design Component add-ons or
One Premium and three Regular Design Component add-ons or
Six Regular Design
Component add-ons

Premium Design Components

Packed full of advanced features and functionality, Premium Design Components create a beautiful website design that entices and engages shoppers.

Advanced Slideshow

Advanced Slideshow

A £1000 value More flexible than our built-in standard slideshow, our advanced slideshow has the ultimate in customisability.

Custom Landing Page

A £1000 value Perfect for special promotions, products, marketing campaigns, a contact page or about page.

Advanced Mega Menu

A £1000 value More flexible than our standard, the advanced mega menu allows for the addition of graphics or custom functions right in your mega menu.

Image Gallery

A £1000 value Using Pinterest or Instagram? Our image gallery lets you showcase your pins or photos on a custom landing page within your shop.


Regular Design Components

Mix and match a variety of Regular Design Components to create a consistent look and feel across your ecommerce website.

Customer Relationship Components

Communications Kit

A £315 value Our standard feedback form, contact form & thank you pages give you multiple opportunities to communicate with customers.

Customer Experience Kit

A £315 value This kit includes a custom coming soon page and 404 offering links back to the homepage and to other popular pages within your shop.

Social Media Kit

A £315 value Let our Design Team start your social marketing out on the right foot with a cohesive look across your networks.

Store Locator Map

A £315 value Have multiple brick-and-mortar locations or resellers? A store locator map is a great way for customers to find all your locations.

Creative Components

Graphic 5 Pack

A £315 value Receive five individual graphic designs to be used for slide images, page headings, social media or anything else needed for your business.

Ad Banner Designs

A £315 value Doing your own digital marketing? Our Design Team can help with custom-designed banner ads for your campaign.

Newsletter Design

A £315 value Use email marketing to reach your customer base with a custom design to be used with Volusion’s newsletter feature.

Blogger Template

A £315 value Extend your brand across channels with a custom blog design that’s consistent with the appearance of your store.

Featured Product Scroll

A £315 value The featured product scroll allows you to insert products into a scroller to allow merchants easy browsing.


A £315 value Allow customers to view
individual product information directly on the category page.

Mega Menu

A £315 value Our standard mega menu
enables more direct access to product categories and sub-categories.

Category Page Layout

A £315 value Customise the layout of your category page, search results and featured products on your homepage.

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